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Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, a name that has resonated in the amateur cycling world for over two decades, embodies passion, dedication and ambition. This cycling training center is much more than just a sporting institution; it represents a dream, a vision brought to life by enthusiasts whose story gives life to an extraordinary adventure. A place where passion for cycling is united with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s world.
In the early days of Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, a leading figure in professional cycling lent his unwavering support to the fledgling project. Vincent Lavenu, then General Manager of the AG2R LA MONDIALE team, chose to place all his confidence in the future of amateur cycling by lending his decisive support to this bold initiative.
When René Caballero and Loïc Varnet presented their project to me, I felt that we were on the threshold of a superb shared adventure.
Vincent Lavenu

The dual project,
the possibility of not choosing between cycling and studying.

Securing your future after cycling

In addition to its commitment to the development of cyclists, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation is distinguished by a bold and humane philosophy: the dual project. For us, training champions on the road is not just about sporting performance, but also about preparing a solid and fulfilling future for each athlete. One of the center’s core values is the conviction that every cyclist can pursue a dual project, combining sporting excellence with professional fulfillment outside competition. This visionary approach goes beyond the traditional framework of cycling training, offering athletes the tools and opportunities they need to build a sustainable career.
By integrating the notion of dual projects, the structure encourages its athletes to explore and develop their skills and passions alongside their cycling careers. Whether academic or professional, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation is committed to supporting its riders in the realization of their projects.
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The end of an era...

A story begun in 2001, woven with passion, determination and success, comes to an end today with the termination of the partnership between Chambéry Cyclisme Formation and the AG2R CITROËN TEAM.

These two decades of collaboration have been much more than just a sporting partnership. They have been the fruit of a shared vision, a common commitment to excellence, and an unshakeable belief in the potential of young talent.

However, like all stories, this one has come to an end. The paths have parted, but the shared achievements and lessons learned will remain an indelible imprint.

... but the start of another !

Following the termination of our partnership, we regret to announce that we will not be present in the amateur peloton for the 2024 season. This decision, although difficult, opens the door to new opportunities and new horizons.

However, the story of Chambéry Cyclisme Formation does not end here. We remain committed to our core values, including that of a dual project, offering cyclists the chance to pave their way in the professional world while building a solid future outside competition.

We’re looking to the future, ready to take on new challenges and write new pages in our history !
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